How to stop cramps

  • It is possible to stop muscle cramps automatically just by willing it away. The cramp goes away as if you hit the “off” switch. It takes a bit of conditioning but it is possible to stop it as soon as the muscle cramp sensation appears. Give it a chance.
  • It has been 34 years now that I did not have a full blown cramp. You could do it also. Here’s how:
  • For Beginners: You first have to start by stopping your muscle cramp by using the “tried and true” method , many decades old, acupressure point: Pinching Your Upper Lip¹ (hold, not squeeze) until the cramp stops. Repeat if necessary.
  • The next step is by using your mind to focus on your cramp and pretend that you are pinching the acupressure point (Your upper lip) and say: “Cramp let go, cramp let go”.
  • Once you have mastered the above two cramp relief methods, relief will start to come automatically, so you do not have to pinch your upper lip, just think mentally of using the acupressure point (the upper lip). As soon as the cramp sensation appears your mind will be conditioned to reduce the cramping. It just disappears without any after-pain. This can be compared to walking or running: The first few steps you may think about but the rest of the steps come automatically.
  • I think it’s people’s loss if they do not take this information seriously.
  • This information does not cost any money so it cannot be advertised on television. It would be nice to somehow package it.
  • Give it a try.

¹ There are many web sites on the internet explaining the history and how to pinch your upper lip under: “cramp relief”.

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